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Re: I found program for AST generating

From: Askar Safin
Subject: Re: I found program for AST generating
Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 05:27:31 +0300

Hi. Please, CC me when answering, I'm not subscribed to bug-bison.

I didn't use BNFC, so I recommend directing questions to authors.

But it seems the project is good enough.

It has a lot of authors. And the authors use BNFC to teach parsing to students.

> Does it use the flex C++ lexer?
Using flex in C++ mode (i. e. using --c++ option to flex) is not recommended. 
I. e. even for C++ you should run flex in C mode. I think I learned this from 
bison docs, but now I cannot find that sentence.

I think BNFC is nearly perfect. The only reason why I decided not to use it is 
this: BNFC doesn't guarantee reversibility (here is my bug report: 
https://github.com/BNFC/bnfc/issues/360 ). But with good enough discipline it 
is easy to achieve reversibility in BNFC. (As you can see I constructed very 
artificial example to demonstrate bug.)

Askar Safin

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