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Gnulib-related problems building Bison from git

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Gnulib-related problems building Bison from git
Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2022 11:51:37 -0800
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I can't build Bison from Savannah git. See attached transcript, which ends:

  GEN      lib/inttypes.h
make: *** No rule to make target 'textstyle.h', needed by 'all'.  Stop.

The Makefile (also attached) has a rule to build lib/textstyle.h. However, it says "TEXTSTYLE_H = textstyle.h" and "BUILT_SOURCES = ... $(TEXTSTYLE_H) ..." and since $(BUILT_SOURCES) is a prerequisite for "all" the build fails.

I am building on Ubuntu 21.10, except with bleeding edge Autoconf (2.72a.22-6027-dirty) because Bison requires at least Autoconf 2.71.

One other problem that's Bison-specific. Bison's README-hacking.md says that I can update to the latest version of all submodules by running the command "git submodule update --recursive --remote"; however, that doesn't work for me. If I try it, I get this response:

$ git submodule update --recursive --remote
Submodule path 'gnulib': checked out '9853d34f27b5b0eed29d28cfba326ddd9b35ea6e' Submodule path 'submodules/autoconf': checked out 'b0d5d2d3eb05cf765c44f0499a622a99319d629f'

However, this doesn't actually check out Gnulib commit 9853d34f27b5b0eed29d28cfba326ddd9b35ea6e; it leaves the old Gnulib working files in the Gnulib subdirectory. I am using git 2.32.0.

I tried working around this second problem by running:

git submodule foreach git pull origin master

However, I got the same results.

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