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Re: more problems with --create-testdir and --add-import

From: Werner LEMBERG
Subject: Re: more problems with --create-testdir and --add-import
Date: Tue, 07 Dec 2010 13:33:54 +0100 (CET)

> The differences between --create-testdir and --add-import are
> explained by their different use cases. [...]
>   --create-testdir      create a scratch package with the given modules

Mhmm, I had no idea what `scratch package' really means.  To do
something `from scratch' normally means to start from the very
beginning.  Obviously, this isn't meant here, so I strongly recommend
to improve the help text since it is very misleading, at least it was
for me.

And thanks a lot for the detailed explanation!  I'll stick to
`--import' and `--add-import'.

> I think I should add comments about this in gnulib-tool.

Please do so.


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