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Re: [bash-testers] Bash-4.2-beta available for FTP

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: [bash-testers] Bash-4.2-beta available for FTP
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 21:09:50 +0100
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[removing bash-testers]

Hello Joachim,

> > "/usr/local/Floss/bash-4.2-beta/lib/sh/fpurge.c", line 143: warning(1852):
> >           #warning directive: "Please port gnulib fpurge.c to your platform!
> >           Look at the definitions of fflush, setvbuf and ungetc on your
> >           system, then report this to bug-gnulib."
> Can you help us fix the upstream copy of fpurge.c in gnulib to
> appropriately cover your platform?  We would also like to port the other
> FILE wrapper functions to work with your platform

fpurge is part of a family of functions that are best ported together.
To do so, please fetch
  - Unpack the package, configure it. Try "make" and fix the problems.
  - Run "make check" to see the test results.
  - The recommended order of porting (from easy to harder) is:
    fbufmode, fseterr, freadable, fwritable, freading, fwriting,
    fpending, fpurge, freadptr, freadseek, freadahead.
It requires a deep look at the 'struct FILE' and related macros from

Please use "#if defined __TANDEM" as condition for your added code
(see <http://predef.sourceforge.net/preos.html#sec28>).


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