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RE : Re: openat, failing fchdir

From: Bastien ROUCARIES
Subject: RE : Re: openat, failing fchdir
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 18:44:53 +0100

For cygwin and windows plateform see ntcreatefile that allow to open an handle relativly to another handle


Le 23 déc. 2010 15:52, "Eric Blake" <address@hidden> a écrit :

On 12/23/2010 05:08 AM, Bruno Haible wrote:
> Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
>> If chdir is a problem, why...

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pass fds on cygwin; it is not
possible to implement SCM_RIGHTS on top of what Windows provides.  Then
again, cygwin's *at functions don't need replacing, so it's a moot
point.  The whole exercise here is how to cater to systems that don't
support native *at correctly.

> And on mingw, REPLACE_FCHDIR is 1, which means we assume that we use the
> emulated fchdir, which...

Indeed; furthermore, mingw has the (in this case, nice) property that
absolute pathnames cannot be larger than about 256 bytes, so there's not
as much risk of the O(n^2) behavior that filename concatenation would
have on other systems with unlimited directory depth.

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