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Re: new modules for grapheme cluster breaking

From: Bruno Haible
Subject: Re: new modules for grapheme cluster breaking
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2010 16:46:31 +0100
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Hello Ben,

Wow! New modules in such quality, 99% perfect, this is rare.

Please squeeze in the attached patch ("git commit --amend"),
then you can push. The patch contains:
  - Reordering: In my feeling, grapheme break facilities should come
    after line break and word break, because they are less often used.
  - In lib/gen-uni-tables.c I renamed the function output_gbp to
    output_gbp_table (to make it clear that it's a function that produces
    a file).
  - lib/unigbrk.in.h does not need to include <stddef.h>.
  - In the module description, use 0.9.4, not 0.9, as the minimum version
    of libunistring that is expected to contain the code.

After this, you'll likely also want to write documentation about the new
modules. Which means, it's time to start filing a copyright assignment for
libunistring with the FSF. You find info how to request the copyright
assignment form from the FSF at

The next modules will have a higher-level API, I imagine. You're welcome
to discuss the new API with me, before you implement it.


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