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test-nl_langinfo failure on Irix 6.5

From: Eric Blake
Subject: test-nl_langinfo failure on Irix 6.5
Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2010 12:12:02 -0700
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I'm getting a test failure on Irix 6.5.  The native nl_langinfo is being

      -e 's|@''HAVE_NL_LANGINFO''@|1|g' \
      -e 's|@''REPLACE_NL_LANGINFO''@|0|g' \

and YESEXPR and NOEXPR are defined in <langinfo.h>, but the test fails
on this line during the C locale run:

LC_ALL=C ./test-nl_langinfo${EXEEXT} 0 || exit 1
+ ./test-nl_langinfo 0
../../gltests/test-nl_langinfo.c:122: assertion failed
../../gltests/test-nl_langinfo.sh[3]: 1099649 Abort(coredump)
+ exit 1
FAIL: test-nl_langinfo.sh

  ASSERT (strlen (nl_langinfo (YESEXPR)) > 0);

Adding a bit more debugging reveals that nl_langinfo is returning ""
rather than a proper regular expression.

Is this a case where the test should be relaxed, or should we be
teaching nl_langinfo how to work around this situation?

Eric Blake   address@hidden    +1-801-349-2682
Libvirt virtualization library http://libvirt.org

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