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find command trigger coredump

From: ??????
Subject: find command trigger coredump
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 22:01:04 +0800

Hi guys 

when i use find to search someting trigger coredump 

find command use gunlib source code so i report this 

reproduction method:

1??xfs filesystem 
2??create 10 directory  in /opt
    mkdir {1..10}
3??use mkdir.sh to create large number of subdiretcories under the directory  
    while true
       for i in {1..10}
          for j  in {1..8000}
                      mkdir /opt/$i/$j
       for i in {1..10}
           rm -rf  /opt/$i/*

 4?? bash mkdir.sh  & 
 5??find /opt -name  mess  
The same thing happened  when  use du command because du use gnulib source code 

i use a patch  solve the problem:

diff --git a/gl/lib/fts.c b/gl/lib/fts.c
index ed3f815..878c04d 100644
--- a/gl/lib/fts.c
+++ b/gl/lib/fts.c
@@ -824,7 +824,6 @@ leaf_optimization (FTSENT const *p, int dir_fd)
       /* List here the file system types that may lack usable dirent.d_type
          info, yet for which the optimization does apply.  */
-    case S_MAGIC_XFS: /* XFS lacked it until 2013-08-22 commit.  */

     case 0:

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