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ls output change

From: John Trengrove
Subject: ls output change
Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2016 18:18:33 +1100

Today I was a little bewildered at what happened to my terminal.

After some research I found that a recent change in coreutils modified the
default ls output to be more verbose but "safer".

I'm happy that options like this output format exist and that core
utilities like ls are getting maintained. However, I dislike this new
default and regret the fact I will have to deal with it in every linux
machine I own.

As one of the few users using a rolling distro and first in line to
upgrade, I predict this mailing list will receive complaints about this
feature for the next two years. I hope the maintainers have considered if
such a disruptive change is worthwhile.

John Trengrove

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