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Re: "If you're still seeing problems, please reopen." [Was: bug#25148:]

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: "If you're still seeing problems, please reopen." [Was: bug#25148:]
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2019 21:25:43 +0200
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On 18.11.2019 19:59, John Wiegley wrote:
Just to add my 2c here: I've never encountered an actually good issue tracker.
Either it's pretty and leads to unmanagable chaos (GitHub Issues), or it's
ugly and requires undue patience and expertise, yet gives experts great
reporting and control (Jira, Bugzilla, etc).

So there are user-friendly ones, and there are ones that facilitate advanced workflows. And there are ones that are neither.

BTW, we have Jira at work, and it's working fine (after we've settled on a particular workflow and configured it appropriately). And both GitHub and Bugzilla don't look particularly bad to me either. Of course, triaging bugs is work, so it's not like we can find a solution that requires zero effort.

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