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Re: bug#38136: [PATCH] Make gnus-group-get-new-news a non blocking threa

From: Robert Pluim
Subject: Re: bug#38136: [PATCH] Make gnus-group-get-new-news a non blocking thread
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 18:28:29 +0100

>>>>> On Wed, 20 Nov 2019 17:59:18 +0100, Michael Albinus <address@hidden> said:

    Michael> Eric Abrahamsen <address@hidden> writes:
    Michael> Hi Eric,

    >>> (defun debbugs-gnus-ephemeral-from-tagged ()

    Michael> Btw, this will be `debbugs-gnu-ephemeral-from-tagged'.

'debbugs-gnu-gnus-ephemeral-from-tagged'? In theory you could
implement something similar for rmail. I hereby delegate the heavy
responsibility of naming this correctly to Somebody Else :-)

    >> How nice to wake up and find that someone's implemented my (fairly
    >> off-handed) feature request! In fact I wasn't necessarily demanding that
    >> all the bugs be displayed in one summary buffer -- that actually skips
    >> the overview buffer where you can issue the control messages, which is
    >> the main benefit. Though I'm sure I'd use this ephemeral group approach,
    >> the tagging approach is perfectly good.

    Michael> You can already issue control messages from existing ephemeral 
groups in
    Michael> debbugs, Lars did implement it. I will see whether I could bring 
it also
    Michael> to this accumulated group; shall be possible, because the bug 
number is
    Michael> always in the subject.

(debbugs-gnu-summary-mode 1)

(but see my caveats in my other message to Eric).


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