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Re: warnings and window-point

From: Juanma Barranquero
Subject: Re: warnings and window-point
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2019 09:43:43 +0100

No, I don't propose to change it, at least not now. The problem I had that led me to study this I fixed locally with some advice.

It's just curiosity, because I really don't understand the intent; particularly, the fact that the point is in the second warning is really weird.

> > Perhaps the idea is to keep past warnings visible until the user scrolls the buffer themself

Yeah, it's just that... As a justification isn't very good, because the buffer is autoscrolled if warning-series is set to non-nil. So it's like yeah, let's not move it, except in some cases we do. And warning-series is surely intended to be set by the application code generating the warnings, not the user, so when it does scroll, it doesn't do so under the user's direction or control.

I honestly think that's really an oversight no one has either detected or, more likely, cared about until now because warnings.el doesn't get (I think) much use.

So I'd like to try the patch above in the trunk after we branch for 27, just to see if someone complains.

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