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Re: MinGW build broken with O_CLOEXEC undeclared

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: MinGW build broken with O_CLOEXEC undeclared
Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2020 18:21:16 +0100

>> If I run your two commands right before "make" it builds normally.
> That's what I said: run those before saying "make".

Hmm...  that's what I tried to do.  I did "git pull" and then ran the
two commands.  The subsequent "make" triggered the "configure" and the
following implied "make" failed as indicated.

> You _must_ force
> configure re-run, because some of the files I changed affect how Emacs
> is configured.
> Are you saying that you still run autogen.sh and configure by hand,
> and only after that run "make"?  That's unnecessary.

I occasionally do that when "make" fails for some reason.  But not in
the scenario you proposed.

> Or maybe you are building outside of the source tree?  In that case, I
> don't know what you should do.

I _am_ building out of the source tree.  How else could I obtain my -O3
build on Windows I need for daily work and a -O0 build for debugging or
my >= 7 toolkit builds on GNU/Linux?


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