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Request: add cl-font-lock to Emacs or Elpa

From: Spenser
Subject: Request: add cl-font-lock to Emacs or Elpa
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 11:02:42 -0700

>> Em 15 de mar de 2020, à(s) 02:47, Mattias Engdegård <address@hidden> 
>> escreveu:
>>>> 15 mars 2020 kl. 07.58 skrev Spenser Truex <address@hidden>:
>>> cl-font-lock is a package that does richer syntax highlighting for
>>> Common Lisp. I'm the co-maintainer on it. We are interested in having it
>>> included in Emacs or on Elpa. It is already on Melpa.
>>> https://github.com/cl-font-lock/cl-font-lock
>> Did you check that the highlighting actually works for all those identifiers?
> I have been using it for months to develop CL code, and I think it works 
> quite nicely. I prefer it over the default, and it helps me to notice 
> misspelt symbols that are not highlighted.
> I'm open to tests, and would be interested in adding such a test as suggested 
> to a CI system if it could be automatically done in some way. 
> Do you have a suggestion for how this can be done? If so, can you spell that 
> out and/or submit code for it?
> Much appreciation to you,
> Spenser Truex
> spensertruex.com
> San Francisco State University, Computer Science

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