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Re: Process to build standalone Emacs + deps in Windows

From: phillip . lord
Subject: Re: Process to build standalone Emacs + deps in Windows
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 18:32:44 +0000
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On 2020-03-22 13:03, address@hidden wrote:

I am trying to debug the process of building a distributable Emacs with
dependencies on Windows 64 bits. I have seen some sketch of
documentation under nt/ but it does not include support for graphics and
image formats, which the official distribution for Windows includes.

What are the steps or the scripts used to create the *.zip files that
are found in the official repository? Is there a simple guide I can use
to reproduce it?


The documentation is in admin/nt/dist-build/README-scripts

It's a little long-winded to set up, I am afraid, but once you have the right directory structure, it's one command.

Let me know if the instructions still work. I mostly run them on a single machine that I keep for the purpose, so I have not had to run them through de-novo for quite a while.


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