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Re: emacs rendering comparisson between emacs23 and emacs26.3

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: emacs rendering comparisson between emacs23 and emacs26.3
Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2020 22:51:39 -0400

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  > > Still, an increase of ~75% in processing time over the best part of a
  > > decade isn't that bad.  Surely?  Certainly not when compared with the
  > > increase in available computing power.

There has been no increase in computing power in the Free World.
I expect that Amin chooses these older machines

  > Just as a data point, my main machine is a ThinkPad released in 2008
  > with a Core 2 Duo processor, which is not nearly as fast as the newer
  > Core i5/i7 processors found in more recent machines since.

for the same reason I choose them: the FSF recommends them, because newer
processors have back doors.  Intel processors newer than that contain
the "Management Engine" back door and can't start up without it.

So please, everyone, take care to maintain good performance on these
older machines.

Is it possible, to restore most of the lost peformance by deactivating
some new features?

Dr Richard Stallman
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