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Re: Is it possible to change the recv buffer size dynamically for networ

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Is it possible to change the recv buffer size dynamically for network process or subprocess?
Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2020 23:37:58 -0400

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  > For example, when I run find or grep in a directory with plenty of files, 
the output of the subprocess may continue for 1 minute, while I can’t stop it.

In ITS I put limits on the size of output buffers in interactive remote login
so as to prevent that sort of problem.  The small buffer ensured that if you
typed C-c or C-z, you wouldn't have to wait as lots of output arrived
before the program stopped generating more output.

In Emacs, we want large buffers for the situation where a Lisp program
is running and goes for some time without allowing subprocesses output
to enter.

Perhaps if we study the cases where we need a large buffer and the
cases where we don't want a large buffer, we could find a criterion to

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