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Re: Docs for &optional and &rest arguments together

From: Arthur Miller
Subject: Re: Docs for &optional and &rest arguments together
Date: Fri, 01 Jan 2021 15:33:29 +0100
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Adam Porter <adam@alphapapa.net> writes:

> This doesn't exactly answer your question, but here's an alternative you
> might be interested in: I wrote a similar macro a while back, and I
> tried to follow CL-style arguments by using a list of options.
> https://github.com/alphapapa/elexandria/blob/83a1b08d0711fdce07a5b33525535cc3a457c6ee/elexandria.el#L105
> Here's the source code:
> (cl-defmacro with-file-buffer (path options &body body)
>   "Insert contents of file at PATH into a temp buffer, and evaluate and 
> return the value of BODY in it.
> OPTIONS is a plist accepting the following options:
> `:must-exist': If non-nil, raise an error if no file exists at
> `:write': If non-nil, write the contents of the buffer to file at
> PATH after evaluating BODY.
> `:overwrite': If nil (or unset), raise an error instead of
> overwriting an existing file at PATH.  If `ask', ask for
> confirmation before overwriting an existing file.  If t,
> overwrite a file at PATH unconditionally.
> `:append': Passed to function `write-region', which see.
> `:visit':  Passed to function `write-region', which see."
>   (declare (indent 2))
>   `(with-temp-buffer
>      (if (file-readable-p ,path)
>          (insert-file-contents ,path)
>        (when ,(plist-get options :must-exist)
>          (error "File not readable: %s" ,path)))
>      (prog1
>          (progn
>            ,@body)
>        ,(when (plist-get options :write)
>           `(write-region nil nil path
>                          ,(plist-get options :append)
>                          ,(plist-get options :visit)
>                          ,(pcase-exhaustive (plist-get options :overwrite)
>                             ('nil ''excl)
>                             ((or 'ask ''ask) ''ask)
>                             ('t nil)))))))
Indeed, looks nice! thanks.

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