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Re: non-gnu elpa issue tracking

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: non-gnu elpa issue tracking
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2021 00:25:06 -0500

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  > 1) How can JS ever be considered 'free' (and benign) when it's pushed to
  >    the client browser at run-time from an external server? Until it's
  >    received (at page load time), no user can possibly know what its
  >    contents truly are.

To avoid misunderstanding, let's distinguish two levels for this conversation.

The more specific level is the definition of free software.

Any program can be judged according to that.  A program written in
Javascript could be meant as a browser extension or it could be meant
to be sent in a web page.  Indeed, it is not unusual that the same
code could be useful in both ways.  Javascript code can also be run in
a server.  The definition of free software applies the same to all
these scenarios.

Then there is a deeper question: is it truly wise to run software
sent by a web page?

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