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Re: [PATCHES] Minor patches for Remember, Minibuffer and Tab Bar

From: Gabriel do Nascimento Ribeiro
Subject: Re: [PATCHES] Minor patches for Remember, Minibuffer and Tab Bar
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2021 20:52:06 -0300
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Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> writes:

>> Here are some suggestions of minor patches. Hope it's useful in some
>> way.
>> This patch:
>>   - adds a trailing space to minibuffer depth indicator, so it has some
>>   distance from minibuffer prompt
> It hard-codes the space character, but it would be more user-friendly to
> allow customization of its format string with a new user option with such
> the default value: "[%d]".

There is already 'minibuffer-depth-indicator-function' for this
customization, actually. My proposal was just to have a better default
value by adding a new face and by adding a single space between the
depth indicator and the minibuffer prompt.

>> This patch:
>>   - adds a new option 'tab-bar-history-buttons-show' to control
>>   visibility of tab-bar-history back and forward buttons, similar to
>>   'tab-bar-new-button-show' and 'tab-bar-close-button-show'
> Thanks, now your patch is pushed to master.

Thank you!
>> This patch:
>>   - adds a new option 'tab-bar-tab-name-format-function' to let user
>>   specify a custom function to format the final string of tab
>>   name. This would be useful in many cases, for example, to add custom
>>   properties/faces to final tab name or to trim spaces in case
>>   'tab-bar-rename-tab' has trailing spaces. It could also fix a trailing
>>   space when 'tab-bar-tab-hints' is set to  true and
>>   'tab-bar-tab-name-function' returns an empty string
> Now a more general option 'tab-bar-tab-name-format-function'
> is pushed to master that allows easier customization for the
> format of tab names.

Thank you!

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