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xref buffer and default-directory

From: Matthias Meulien
Subject: xref buffer and default-directory
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2021 18:15:22 +0100
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Hi, I am a heavy and happy user of project-find-regexp (through C-x p g).

Sometime while reading search results from the *xref* buffer I realize that I should perform another search; I thus press C-x p g again from the *xref* buffer. But it looks like the local value of default-directory isn't related to the last search context. And I am presented search results of an unrelated project. It's confusing and sometimes I take time to realize that am not reading the search results of the right project! Are you experiencing the same problem?

It looks like the value of default-directory for the *xref* buffer is not changed between searches. Is this correct? Should we change this behavior?

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