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Re: Stop frames stealing eachothers' minibuffers!

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Stop frames stealing eachothers' minibuffers!
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 17:04:57 +0100

>> It does call 'raise-frame' something people with 'focus-follows-mouse' t
>> (not 'auto-raise') might not want here.  And it may have to move the
>> mouse cursor according to the 'mouse-autoselect-window' and
>> 'focus-follows-mouse' policies.  Most window managers don't handle the
>> latter well (IIRC only the otherwise abominable mutter and KDE could do
>> it approximately).  And the former wants the selected window to be set
>> up well before calling 'select-frame-set-input-focus'.
> It is nevertheless the standard function to call to move focus to a
> different frame.  If there are problems with focus-follows-mouse, they
> should surely be fixed in frame.el as a separate problem.

The 'focus-follows-mouse' problem is a window manager problem and cannot
be fixed in frame.el.  It typically happens when he mouse pointer is (i)
over frame-1, one (ii) gives focus to frame-2 and (iii) moves the mouse
which causes the WM to refocus frame-1.  Some WMs here move the mouse
pointer in (ii) to frame-2 (and forcefully do that for pop up windows)
which can be however a pain for Emacs because the WM doesn't know where
in frame-2 to move it to and so with 'mouse-autoselect-window' a wrong
window may get auto-selected.

And please remain aware of the fact that focus stealing is, in general,
considered bad practice.  It shouldn't happen in the case at hand
because _some_ Emacs frame should already have focus when invoking
'select-frame-set-input-focus'.  Still, a window manager's local policy
settings might make it refrain from giving focus to some frame on behalf
of our request.


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