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Compatibility patches for EDE / EIEIO

From: Eric Ludlam
Subject: Compatibility patches for EDE / EIEIO
Date: Sun, 10 Jan 2021 11:52:50 -0500
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Attached are two proposed patches related to compatibility for EIEIO and EDE.

The EIEIO patch helps with loading old EDE save files. It updates existing compatibility for the 1st object name argument to constructor during object loading from a file. In older versions of EIEIO, objects were saved with a 'name'. New EIEIO skips the name on load. This patch will apply the name to the :object-name slot if it is a subclass of eieio-named. This will compatibly bring in old objects and maintain the name.

I tried it with the existing eieio tests which passed.

The EDE patch brings over a change from the CEDET repository on Source Forge that enables project types detected via a function. The function based project types were never integrated into Emacs. This patch allows these old project types from SourceForge to work with built-in EDE. There are no uses of this feature in Emacs, but it is useful for integrating new project types that are not easily identified by a string, such as android, arduino, fitbit and other tools that usually provide their own 'studio' thing.

The EDE patch was written by me before the last 'release' I had signed from my company. The EIEIO patch is new.


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