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Re: Unseen attribute doesn't get saved in rmail

From: Andrea G. Monaco
Subject: Re: Unseen attribute doesn't get saved in rmail
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2021 13:28:30 +0100

  > I'm asking why is it important for your purposes to know whether the
  > mail was read for the first time or not.  Because if it isn't very
  > important, the solution I proposed should work for you.

My mailboxes get pretty big, some gigabytes usually, so saving the
buffer takes some seconds. I only want to save it if it got modified, for
example because I read some messages for the first time and thus changed
their unseen flag.

  > That's the reason Rmail doesn't already have the feature you
  > want: I guess no one else uses it as you do

Some features are more or less used than others. But saying that some
use case is completely nonexistent is pretty strong: can you
substantiate this claim?  Unless you are arguing that a feature being
absent means that no one wants it: I would obviously disagree with that

There's at least one person (probably more) who is unhappy with that
behavior of rmail, and that's me.

Andrea Monaco

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