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Re: named-let

From: Zhu Zihao
Subject: Re: named-let
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2021 16:11:44 +0800
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Stefan Monnier writes:

> And we can also use approaches like "inline, together with a check that
> the function was not advised" for functions which have not been
> officially declared as inlinable (such checks are already used in the
> native-comp code, IIRC, tho just to use "fast call" rather than do
> inlining).

I'm not sure I understand it. Given code like

(defun add1 (b)
  (+ b 1))

(defun test ()
  (advice-add (intern "add1") :after (lambda (&rest _)
                                       (message "Whoa!")))
  (+ 10 (add1 20)))

We want to inline (add1 20) so the program becomes (+ 10 (+ 1 20)). But
advice can happened at run time. For example, I run advice-add in the
body of function "test" before calling "add1". What's more, that call to
advice-add may hidden in another function(And that function may also be
adviced) and make the program very complicated and hard to determine in
compile time. Would native-comp break the semantic of that program or not?

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