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4dc72dd9deb1c3394ada3de3f52bc7c1ff831ab6 breaks make check

From: Jared Finder
Subject: 4dc72dd9deb1c3394ada3de3f52bc7c1ff831ab6 breaks make check
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 22:33:47 -0800
User-agent: Roundcube Webmail/1.3.16

"4dc72dd9deb1c3394ada3de3f52bc7c1ff831ab6 Fix 'window-text-pixel-size' when there are leading/trailing spaces" adds some tests that don't run correctly in my environment. The tests do run fine interactively.

The output log:

Test xdisp-tests--window-text-pixel-size backtrace:
  make-terminal-frame(((parent-frame . #<frame F1 0x56424bb8b2c8>)))
  tty-create-frame-with-faces(((parent-frame . #<frame F1 0x56424bb8b2
  #f(compiled-function (params) #<bytecode 0x6b0cf7c833dbfd2>)(((paren
  apply(#f(compiled-function (params) #<bytecode 0x6b0cf7c833dbfd2>) (
  frame-creation-function(((parent-frame . #<frame F1 0x56424bb8b2c8>)
  make-frame(((parent-frame . #<frame F1 0x56424bb8b2c8>)))
  display-buffer-in-child-frame(#<killed buffer> nil)
  display-buffer(#<killed buffer> (display-buffer-in-child-frame))
  #f(compiled-function () #<bytecode -0x18c672b9d813486f>)()
  ert--run-test-internal(#s(ert--test-execution-info :test #s(ert-test
  ert-run-test(#s(ert-test :name xdisp-tests--window-text-pixel-size :
  ert-run-or-rerun-test(#s(ert--stats :selector (not (or ... ...)) :te
  ert-run-tests((not (or (tag :expensive-test) (tag :unstable))) #f(co
  ert-run-tests-batch((not (or (tag :expensive-test) (tag :unstable)))
  ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit((not (or (tag :expensive-test) (tag :un
  eval((ert-run-tests-batch-and-exit '(not (or (tag :expensive-test) (
  command-line-1(("-L" ":." "-l" "ert" "-l" "src/xdisp-tests" "--eval"
Test xdisp-tests--window-text-pixel-size condition:
    (error "Unknown terminal type")

xdisp-tests--window-text-pixel-size-leading-space and xdisp-tests--window-text-pixel-size-trailing-space fail in the same way.

I don't know if these tests should just be marked expected to fail or not.

  -- MJF

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