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Re: Support Q: How many args for self-insert-command

From: Boruch Baum
Subject: Re: Support Q: How many args for self-insert-command
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2021 08:47:27 -0500
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Thanks, Robin. I don't have the local resources for an emacs git
repository to be able to do what you did, and debian says that
installing their Emacs27 from their testing repository will introduce
'grave' bugs with ssh/libcrypt/poppler/... packages.

On 2021-01-18 06:55, Robin Tarsiger wrote:
> Boruch Baum wrote:
> > At what version did Emacs change the number of ARGs for
> > self-insert-command?
> >
> > I only have available versions 26 (one arg) and a September v28-snapshot
> > (two args), so this is really asking about the state at release version
> > 27 (still not available to me in debian).
> Here's an answer with implied pointers to sources for similar answers:
> git annotate shows that a relevant line in cmds.c was changed by
> commit 81f0e05 on 2018-11-17, with the log entry:
>   * src/cmds.c (Fself_insert_command): Get last-command-event via (new) arg.
> The diff for that commit shows that it also adds an entry to etc/NEWS
> under "Lisp Changes in Emacs 27.1".
> To confirm from a different perspective, the Emacs 27.1 I'm using from
> Arch has the two-argument form.
> -RTT

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