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Re: Patch to avoid flicker in Isearch with lazy count

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Patch to avoid flicker in Isearch with lazy count
Date: Thu, 28 Jan 2021 11:06:38 +0200
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>> Currently, run-with-idle-timer is used for lazy-highlight-initial-delay,
>> and run-at-time for lazy-highlight-interval.  But you replaced all
>> with run-with-idle-timer.  Any reason not to use run-at-time
>> for lazy-highlight-interval to reduce delays for quickly finishing
>> the already started lazily highlighting successive matches?
> That was just to avoid repeating a piece of code at several places.  It
> makes no difference with the default ‘lazy-highlight-interval’ of 0,
> right?

I'm not sure if there is a difference between run-at-time and 
with the delay 0.  In practice maybe the difference is negligible.

> But it might actually be better to make
> ‘lazy-highlight-delay-max-chars’ to affect only
> ‘lazy-highlight-initial-delay’ and not ‘lazy-highlight-interval’.
> What do you think?

Definitely, ‘lazy-highlight-delay-max-chars’ should not affect
‘lazy-highlight-interval’ because with pauses between highlighting
portions of matches, when lazy-highlight-buffer-max-at-a-time is 20,
this could create a situation when only first 20 matches are counted,
and during the delay before processing the next portion of matches,
the users might think this is the final total of all existing matches,
so this is misleading for users.

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