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Re: input-pending-p after make-frame-visible

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: input-pending-p after make-frame-visible
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2021 20:57:11 +0300

> From: Aaron Jensen <aaronjensen@gmail.com>
> Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2021 13:31:55 -0400
> Cc: martin rudalics <rudalics@gmx.at>, emacs-devel@gnu.org
> On Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 11:42 AM Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> wrote:
> >
> > Yes.  Emacs has only one event queue, and the "kbd_" part of its name
> > is misleading (it's a remnant from the original pre-GUI design).
> Ok, it appears to be 19, which I believe is HELP_EVENT. Does that make sense?

help-echo?  That presumes that the mouse pointer was above
mouse-sensitive text.  Was it?

But according to my reading of the code, it's TOOL_BAR_EVENT, because
2 events are specific to MS-Windows.

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