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Re: tab-line-tab-modified: cool feature... not yet there

From: Pedro Andres Aranda Gutierrez
Subject: Re: tab-line-tab-modified: cool feature... not yet there
Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2021 07:25:34 +0200

Hi, I've seen a couple of ideas in the internet on how to spped his up. You 
could use the buffer-change hooks and defadvice on undo and would be much less 
than on every keypress, right? I think this could be a good compromise

Best, /PA

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El 2 oct 2021, a las 21:42, Juri Linkov <juri@linkov.net> escribió:

>>>> Thanks, now everything is clear.  The problem is that it changes the color
>>>> of the tab only after you switch to another buffer.  I don't know whether
>>>> the author Adam (Cc'ed) intended this.  It makes sense not to change
>>>> the color of the current tab immediately to not distract the user.
>>> I don’t know if changing the colour in the tab distracts or confuses. At
>>> least it seems to confuse me ;-) I would expect the tab to change at the
>>> same time as the mode-line in order to have consistent information on the
>>> screen. I don’t like to be told different things by the tab line and the
>>> mode line ;-)
>> The patch I submitted doesn't have any effect on how or when the
>> tab-line is updated.  I've also noticed the effect you describe, that
>> the tab-line doesn't update until I change to another buffer, but ISTM
>> that that's an orthogonal issue.  The tab-bar does update with
>> redisplay, while the tab-line seems to only update on buffer-switch,
>> or something like that.  If the tab-line should update with redisplay,
>> I guess that could be done.  I guess it might be relevant to redisplay
>> performance, but Juri should know about that; maybe that's why it
>> doesn't already do that.
> Indeed, it's related to redisplay performance, so it was optimized by caching
> to update the tab-line only on buffer switching, not on every key press.

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