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RE: [External] : Re: character sets as they relate to “Raw” string liter

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: [External] : Re: character sets as they relate to “Raw” string literals for elisp
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 18:23:04 +0000

> > “full-featured” and other hyphenated words are not
> > normally spelt with an en dash.


> > From Wikipedia:
> >
> >     In English, an en dash, –, sometimes replaces the hyphen
> >     in hyphenated compounds if either of its constituent parts
> >     is already hyphenated or contains a space (for example,
> >     San Francisco–area residents, hormone receptor–positive cells,
> >     cell cycle–related factors, and public-school–private-school
> >     rivalries).
> Such ugly writing style where an en dash is not separated from the
> nearby words by whitespace makes the Info manual less readable.
> For example, in (info "(emacs) After a Crash"):
>   ...to retrieve them from a core dump–provided that a...
> This leaves one to wonder what does this word mean:
> "dump-provided"?

Good example.

Use of an en dash that way is inappropriate (irregular,
not conventional).  An em dash _would_ be appropriate
there, but not an en dash.



> But the dash surrounded by whitespace on both sides makes the text
> much more readable


Generally, an em dash is surrounded by either a thin
space or no space at all.  But yes, depending on the
font etc., it can look weird to not have any space.
In particular, with monospaced fonts a space char
helps (IMO).

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