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Re: Elisp LSP Server

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: Elisp LSP Server
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 10:21:57 +0000

Ag Ibragimov <agzam.ibragimov@gmail.com> writes:

> It was my mistake to even mention godforsaken VSCode - I don't even
> use it, I don't know why I brought it up. I apologize; Can we please
> start it over and forget about GitHub, VSCode, etc.?

I do think there is some association, because it seems there is little
use for a Elisp language server outside of these use-cases. When someone
wants to debug a broken configuration, they'd usually emacs -Q, not open

> - Has anyone ever tried figuring out something similar? Surely, in 45
>   years of Emacs, someone must have done something like that?

LSP has not existed for that long, and I am not sure if there were any
comparable projects of the same ambition before. At most "language
servers" have existed for specific languages, such as Common Lisp.

> - If someone attempts to create a cli tool that potentially could
> introspect, lint, format, and maybe even refactor elisp outside of
> Emacs, where would they need to be looking?

If I wanted to do this, I'd just write Elisp scripts that would be
invoked via shell scripts or something of that sort using Emacs' batch

An alternative would be to implement everything yourself from group up,
and follow up on the development whenever something changes.

Another one would be to extend something like tree sitter by Elisp

> - Is it possible to build something like this by examining relevant
> pieces of C in Emacs codebase?

Not everything relating to Elisp development in implemented in C. You'd
also have to read the Elisp parts.

> - Maybe there are parts in REmacs project that would be easier to go
>   through?

I don't know about that, but AFAIK the project has stalled.

        Philip Kaludercic

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