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Re: emacs-28 47cbd10: * lisp/bindings.el (mode-line-position): Improve t

From: Stefan Kangas
Subject: Re: emacs-28 47cbd10: * lisp/bindings.el (mode-line-position): Improve tooltip.
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 20:33:43 -0700

So far, we have these suggestions:

    "Buffer Percentage Position"
    "Buffer Percentage POS"
    "Buffer text percentage"
    "Viewport Position"
    "Scroll percentage"
    "Scroll position"

Regarding position/percentage, Eli said that it could be good to include
as this is more common, but Andreas points out that it should be clear
already since it ends in %.  So it's not really clear that one argument
is obviously better than the other; on the one hand the risk is not very
high for misunderstandings, on the other we don't need to go out of our
way to avoid repetitions too much in tooltips (we already repeat
ourselves a lot in them).

Having thought about the various alternatives for a bit, my suggestion
is this:

    "Window Scroll Position"

It seems to capture that this is more about the window ("viewport" is
accurate but not a term we normally use) than about the buffer itself.
Buffer position seems to suggest that this has to do with the position
of point, which we already have the column/line number display for.

It will also avoid the problem that someone sees "Top" or "Bot", but the
tooltip incorrectly says that it is a "Percentage".

Does this sound like an acceptable conclusion to this discussion?

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