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Re: Installing the current emacs-28 branch under Windows 10

From: H. Dieter Wilhelm
Subject: Re: Installing the current emacs-28 branch under Windows 10
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 11:57:26 +0200
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Eli Zaretskii <eliz@gnu.org> writes:

>> From: "H. Dieter Wilhelm" <dieter@duenenhof-wilhelm.de>

>> Then, I've to check if this works when starting Emacs without a shell.
>> Presumably not, maybe I've to set then the environment variable in the
>> OS?
> Yes, if you install the Info files unrelated to Emacs in a place that
> doesn't match the value of Info-default-directory-list.

I see ... And then it is even more convenient doing

(add-to-list 'Info-directory-list "d:/appl/MSYS2/usr/share/info" 'append)

than creating an INFOPATH variable.


>> >> By the way, there was no runemacs.bat in the installation directory
>> >> created.
>> >
>> > Neither should there be.  Why did you expect to see runemacs.bat?
>> I think runemacs.bat is coming from the Emacs installers for Windows.
>> Its sole content is:
>> runemacs.exe -Q
>> Helpful, didn't know that, but I'd rename it to emacs-Q.bat...
> I think this batch file shouldn't be there, as it just muddies the
> waters.  But it isn't our call to make, it's the call of those who
> produced the batch file and added it to the distribution.

I see, probably caught some other Emacs distribution than GNU's.
E.g. runemacs.bat isn't there when installing emacs-27.2 from

>> Well, the next topics will be the "little helper" programs ;-)
>> M-$
>> apply: Searching for program: No such file or directory, ispell
>> and gpg when doing (list-packages)
> You need to install those programs, and make sure they are MinGW
> programs, not MSYS programs.  The latter might work, but could have
> subtle "issues", because they are not really native Windows programs,
> whereas the Emacs you built is.

Thanks for the hint...  I think at this stage I'll consult Phillip Lord,
which programs he recommends and how to build them..

>> Command output:
>> gpg: keyblock resource
>> '/c/Users/uidg1626/.emacs.d/log/c:/Users/uidg1626/.emacs.d/elpa/gnupg/pubring.kbx':
>> No such file or directory
> That it reports an MSYS-style file name means you are invoking Emacs
> from MSYS shell.  Don't.

Won't ;-)

Thank you very much


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