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Re: ELPA: new package nano-agenda

From: Nicolas P. Rougier (inria)
Subject: Re: ELPA: new package nano-agenda
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 12:19:03 +0200
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Thanks, I've added it.


Joost Kremers <joostkremers@fastmail.fm> writes:

On Tue, Oct 12 2021, Nicolas P. Rougier (inria) wrote:
I would like to submit a new package to ELPA which is a minimal non-intrusive view of org-agenda files. It displays a calendar view of current month (or the month corresponding to the current selected date) alongside a view of the daily agenda (timestamped) entries. The agenda can be navigated using arrows keys and
killed using "q" or "return".

I would suggest adding an autoload cookie to the main entry point `nano-agenda`. That way, after installing the package, you don't have to `require` it first,
you can just do `M-x nano-agenda`.

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