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Re: Elisp LSP Server

From: Mathias Dahl
Subject: Re: Elisp LSP Server
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:23:12 +0200

> > ... with a particular feature of GitHub, where, through proprietary
> > _javascript_ and a proprietary plugin, anyone can press "." to
> > immediately view code from GitHub in VS Code.

About this convenience feature of being able to very easily open VS
Code when browsing GitHub, we could develop our own
Chrome/Edge/Firefox extension to allow the same workflow if we
wanted. I haven't written web browser extensions for Firefox but I
have for Chrome and I have some idea on how that could
happen. Conceptually it's not very hard, but there are some work
involved of course, especially if we wanted it to be working across
multiple platforms.

Do we think having such a feature would greatly increase the chance
that someone would be contributing to Emacs development or development
of Emacs packages?

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