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Re: Dark mode on Windows

From: Po Lu
Subject: Re: Dark mode on Windows
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2021 09:17:50 +0800
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Vince Salvino <salvino@coderedcorp.com> writes:

> Windows 10 has a system-wide “dark mode”, which if supported by an
> app, can tell the app to use dark title bars, scrollbars, etc.
> In a fit of rage after staring at the blinding white titlebar on my
> Emacs frame, I researched the issue and implemented “dark mode” in
> Emacs for Windows (the rage had been building for years).
> Here is a work in progress, which seemingly works quite well, but
> needs a bit more work. Would anyone be able to help, or possibly help
> get such a feature merged in?

Is this feature available on free operating systems?

The X11+GTK port, which runs on free operating systems, needs this

P.S. this is also a problem with the NS port.  The ability to use a dark
stylesheet for window decorations is only available on macOS, and not

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