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Re: XDG config dir [Was: Re: Default for image-dired-main-image-director

From: Ihor Radchenko
Subject: Re: XDG config dir [Was: Re: Default for image-dired-main-image-directory]
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2021 11:45:42 +0800

Alexandre Garreau <galex-713@galex-713.eu> writes:

> Oh btw that makes me think to something I always wondered: would there be 
> a way to make so that to have .config/emacs instead of .emacs.d? at least 
> when .config/xdg-something exists, for instance

AFAIK, emacs does support ~/.config/emacs. As long, as you do not have
~/.emacs and ~/.emacs.d and do have ~/.config/emacs directory, Emacs is
using the ~/.config/emacs (or $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs).

> That would reduce the clutter inside home directory, that’s partially 
> solved by that xdg .config directory (although I find regrettable it’s not 
> .local/etc, but a such symlink can solve that).

According to XDG spec, you just need to set $XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment
variable.  ~/.config is only used when the variable is not set:


>> $XDG_CONFIG_HOME defines the base directory relative to which user-specific 
>> configuration files should be stored. If $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is either not set 
>> or empty, a default equal to $HOME/.config should be used.


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