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Re: [NonGNU ELPA] New package: latex-table-wizard

From: Philip Kaludercic
Subject: Re: [NonGNU ELPA] New package: latex-table-wizard
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2022 22:58:58 +0000

Enrico Flor <enrico@eflor.net> writes:

> "Philip Kaludercic" <philipk@posteo.net> writes:
>> Enrico Flor <enrico@eflor.net> writes:
>>> Thank you so much for your comments!  I implemented your many
>>> suggestions wrt. the code.  I must say I didn't use to have all the
>>> backquotes but then I read somewhere that you should prefer
>>>   `(,x ,y)
>>> over
>>>   (list x y)
>>> and so I replaced all the instances of the latter with the former.  I
>>> probably misunderstood the "advice".
>> I cannot think of why, after all
>>   (macroexpand-all '`(,a ,b ,c)) => (list a b c)
>> and I prefer the latter, as it just seems cleaner.  I'd be curious to
>> hear the original argument, because to me that sounds like using a
>> feature for it's own sake.
> I agree it seems cleaner.  I went back to check for that claim, and
> indeed... I did misunderstand.  It's in the "The Emacs Lisp Style Guide"
> on github, but what it says is that syntax quoting should be preferred
> *in macro definitions*.

Ah, of course because using backquoting allows you to write data that
looks like code.

>>> I also added the .elpaignore, removed the .info file and added a short
>>> description.txt file to serve as readme.
>> That might work as well, but I think you might also use the ";;;
>> Commentary" section in the main file for the same purpose.
> I think I'd rather have something shorter than that, and keep more stuff
> in the Commentary section.  But ultimately, I'll do what people tell me
> to do here.

All I have been providing are a few optional suggestions and giving you
information you might or might not know, you are the best judge of what
you want the package to look like.  If you say you want a
"description.txt" file to contain a description of the package, that is
absolutely fine.  Another option is just a plain "README" file, without
any extension.  ELPA detects these by default, so the package
specification wouldn't have to list it.

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