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Cutoff date for adding ruby-ts-mode?

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Cutoff date for adding ruby-ts-mode?
Date: Thu, 29 Dec 2022 23:39:37 +0200
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Hi all and Eli in particular,

How close are we to "hard freeze" date of Emacs 29, after which no new tree-sitter modes should be added?

I'm told the copyright papers might be signed next week.

The code is largely functional: font-lock just needs minor updates; the indentation has more problems, but it's still probably better to have the new mode in Emacs 29, rather than not.

Also regarding indentation, Ruby community uses a bunch of different styles, and it was my impression (could be wrong, though) that Perry wanted to at least have ruby-ts-mode be able to use a different style than what is currently ruby-mode's default. To that end, he implemented a couple of user options.

In bug#60186, I also implement a bunch of options that allow similar flexibility to the users of "plain" ruby-mode. I believe rather than have different incompatible options, it would be better to unify them between the modes, at least where the capabilities match, to use the same options.

So... if there is still time to get ruby-ts-mode in (and give it a little polish), it might be a good idea to get the patch for bug#60186 in first. Alternatively, it could come with non-customizable indentation (options would be added later), or it could have a set of customization points which we'll promptly deprecate right after (ones that will become redundant).

Or we defer all that and release both new options in ruby-mode and ruby-ts-mode from master to GNU ELPA.

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