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[O] links to folders with non-english characters don't work (emacs 23&24

From: AJR
Subject: [O] links to folders with non-english characters don't work (emacs 23&24 on osx)
Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 14:53:00 +0200


First I just wanted to thank everyone involved in creating orgmode,
it's amazing and it has pretty much sold me on emacs. But, I've had
some problems with links containing æøå. I'm an osx (lion) user. In
emacs 23.4 (9.0) no paths with æøå where possible to open. For
example, these did not work:

file:~/dør.txt (didn't open)
http://www.dører.no (the url bar of firefox contained www.d¯rer.no
and, before that, some other strange formatting)

The links above did work for urls with an o instead of an ø. The
problem has been partially solved. I got a pretest version of emacs 24
(later I updated orgmode with package.el, but this did not seem to
make a difference) and now the txt and url does work but the folder
still does not. All links still work with an o in place of the ø's.
The folder can be opened in dired. (Yes, I should learn how to use
dired, but just emacs plus org is enough for now.) I hope there's some
solution to this.

ps. it seems like chinese characters don't work either

file:~/黄立行超新星.txt (does open)
file:~/黄立行超新星 (only opens in dired)

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