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help with sexp in org-capture-template

From: Bala Ramadurai
Subject: help with sexp in org-capture-template
Date: Wed, 1 Apr 2020 10:40:50 +0530

Hello All,
  Hope everyone's safe.

I am working on a org-capture-template and one of the entries is a date (30 days later) I want in European format.

My solution is this:
| *Due Date*: %(concat (substring (org-read-date nil nil "+30d") 8 10) "-" (substring(org-read-date nil nil "+30d") 5 7) "-" (substring(org-read-date nil nil "+30d") 0 4)) |

Although this does the job, it is extremely inelegant and only reflects my poor knowledge in elisp.

Can any of you please help me in making this code better?

Thanks and have a safe day!


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