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Re: Org-babel-lilypond always renders full pages

From: adam
Subject: Re: Org-babel-lilypond always renders full pages
Date: Thu, 02 Apr 2020 12:23:34 +1300

On Wed, 2020-04-01 at 11:02 +0200, Oliver Heck wrote:
> > Off-topic:  Oliver is exporting/engraving to a fixed-resolution png. An 
> > alternative
> > is to export scalable vector graphics of the score to PDF.
> PDF does scale better, but it does not help because I need the original 
> size embedded.
> Logically it works fine when full staves are rendered (at least they all 
> have an identical scaling factor then), but I often have very small 
> snippets like single bars or fretboard diagrams.
> Oliver

Understood, Oliver.  And I'm sorry for crashing in. 

FYI,  I have had the most success in using the pdf-example.org  of this page, 

as that exports EPS to PDF, not what you're after. 

I've cut  pdf-example.org down and include an import from  midi2ly  as shown 

This helps, as the imported ly file has its \layout { .. } block which 
is informative and allows further editing along with the imported score.  

* Importing from MIDI 
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur ... etc 

#+LaTeX: \linebreak
#+ATTR_LaTeX: width=17cm
#+begin_src lilypond :file patterns-1.eps :noweb yes

\include "patterns1-midi.ly"



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