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[ANN] public-inbox archive of the mailing list

From: Kyle Meyer
Subject: [ANN] public-inbox archive of the mailing list
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 2020 04:55:33 +0000

I've set up a public-inbox [^1] archive of the mailing list at


It should be fairly complete, going back to the earliest non-test email
listed in the lists.gnu.org archive [^2].  If you notice that a message
is missing, please first check whether you can find it with a
+message-id:<MID> search against the gnu.org archive.  If you can't find
it there, it probably didn't make it to the list; if you can, please let
me know.

New messages should hit the archive within 15 minutes or so.

I should say more about why I think public-inbox is great [^3], but I
doubt I could do it justice while keeping this email short.  Anyway, if
you'd like to have a look, perhaps start here:

  (eww "https://yhetil.org/orgmode/_/text/help/";)
  (eww "https://yhetil.org/orgmode/address@hidden/";)

[^1]: https://public-inbox.org/README
[^2]: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/
[^3]: I'm not alone :>

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