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modify frame title in beamer export

From: Gürtler , Martin
Subject: modify frame title in beamer export
Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2020 09:28:56 +0000


I'd like to modify the frame title in beamer export based on
properties or priority as this is possible in latex export.

In latex export, one can set the variable
org-latex-format-headline-function to the name of a function that
creates the content of the headline. I was able to use this in
latex export.

As beamer export is derived from latex export I had hoped that this
would automatically work for beamer export as well, but this
is not the case, the headlines in beamer export are not modified.

A second question is, whether one could also use properties to
format the headlines. The arguments of the user supplied function
include tags, but not properties.


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