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Endnote-style bibliographic citation with Zotero, zotxt-emacs, and org-m

From: Perl Ancar
Subject: Endnote-style bibliographic citation with Zotero, zotxt-emacs, and org-mode
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 14:38:15 +0700

I'm trying to write a book in org-mode. The book will contain numerous citations to journal articles (in addition to books or URLs), which are all stored in my Zotero library. I've successfully installed the Zotero addons zotxt & Better Bibtex for Zotero, as well as the Emacs package zotxt (zotxt-emacs). I can create the basic citation using the "@AUTHOR_FIRSTTITLEWORD_YEAR" style (set org-zotxt-link-description-style variable to :betterbibtexkey and then use C-c " i to insert references).

My book being targetted to the general public, I want to use end-notes instead of the usual citation format (LastName, Year). Something like:

    Experts studied ([[zotero://select/items/1_VDVFUIBV][1]],
    [[zotero://select/items/1_TXDISZDFR][2]]) that animals behave very differently
    under captivity.

And then all the references will go to the References chapter.

Judging from reading the org-zotxt.el source code in the zotxt-emacs package (with my non-existant Emacs Lisp knowledge) I conclude that this is not supported. But I can certainly whip up some script to preprocess the Org document to change the betterbibtexkey description style to the numbers before exporting.

There are also a few other things I want/need but don't know yet how to accomplish. Like generating the References chapter (will probably whip up some script again), making item searching less painful, doing something useful when a zotero Org link is opened (org-open-at-point), or customizing the ODT export (hopefully creating Zotero reference instead of just unlinked text or broken links). 

Anyone already using Zotero and org-mode, and in the same situation? I'm not tied to zotxt; still open to using org-ref or other alternatives; but I want to keep both org-mode and Zotero.

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