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Re: Org <-> Gitlab Wiki

From: Albert Krewinkel
Subject: Re: Org <-> Gitlab Wiki
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 2020 11:46:55 +0200


Michael Welle writes:

> using ox-gfm to export Org to Gitlab's markup syntax (for the wiki for
> instance) seems to work quite nice. Gitlab's Org parser has some
> shortcomings, so using Org syntax directly in Gitlab often results in
> strangely rendered documents. What I'm interested in is a 'roundtrip
> workflow'. If someone else changes the wiki, is there a way to get that
> changes back and merge it semi-automatically into the Org file? I guess
> I have to check out the wiki repository, get the diff between the two
> markup versions and then apply that manually to the Org file.

Your should be able to take a shortcut here by using pandoc for the
conversion back to org. It might even make sense to use pandoc for the
opposite direction as well, but org-mode exporters are usually better at

See https://pandoc.org and https://pandoc.org/org.html

Albert Krewinkel
GPG: 8eed e3e2 e8c5 6f18 81fe  e836 388d c0b2 1f63 1124

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