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Re: wip-cite status question and feedback

From: denis . maier . lists
Subject: Re: wip-cite status question and feedback
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2020 23:42:55 +0200 (CEST)


> Let's assume Org implements SuppressAuthor as "-@doe", so far it has:
> | Syntax                    | Mode                            | Sample output 
> |
> |---------------------------+---------------------------------+---------------|
> | @doe or [cite:@doe]       | AuthorInText                    | Doe (2020)    
> |
> | -@doe or [cite:-@doe]     | AuthorInText + SuppressAuthor   | (2020)        
> |
> | [@doe] or [(cite):@doe]   | NormalCitation                  | (Doe, 2020)   
> |
> | [-@doe] or [(cite):-@doe] | NormalCitation + SuppressAuthor | (2020)        
> |
> So, we could mix suppress author with some other style, although this
> seems useless for the time being.
> Current syntax is not great because it is ad-hoc, and not very
> future-proof, if new modes appear. Also, the "(cite)" key is a bit
> mouthful, "citep" might have been prettier. Anyway, is it complete
> enough?

Well, that depends on your target. If you aim for CSL than that's already 
fairly complete. (Even it's more than complete since the current CSL 
specification only knows normal citations. Suppressing authors is done by 
calling applications, and AuthorInText is a pandoc-specific addition.)
If you aim for biblatex than there's still a long way to go.
Concerning "cite", "(cite)", and "citep"

1. In CSL the basic citation depends on the class of the citation style. 
Citations appear either as parenthetical citations or in notes. 
It's not a huge deal, but nevertheless...

2. "citep" is much better than "(cite)", but it is also inaccurate as long as 
CSL is concerned.

So, I'd rather suggest something along these lines:
cite: => note citation or parenthetical citation => (Doe 2020)
citet => narrative cite => Doe (2020)

Of course, you might argue that this is too closely tied to CSL. You could also 
adopt natbib's cite, citet, citep commands, or biblatex's many cite commands...
> Also, there is some ambiguity between modes applying reference-wise,
> i.e., "suppress author", and modes applying to the whole reference,
> i.e., NormalCitation and AuthorInText.
> Therefore, I'm wondering: has the following any meaning?
>   [cite: -@doe; @foo]
>   [(cite): -@doe; @foo]

Good question: I think "[(cite): -@doe; @foo]" is absolutely possible. That 
would be "(2019; Foo 2020)". But what about "[cite: -@doe; @foo]"? That is 
certainly more complicated. How do you render multiple narrative citations?


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