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Overleaf equivalent for org-babel users?

From: Prof. Dr. Johanna May
Subject: Overleaf equivalent for org-babel users?
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2020 19:22:52 +0200
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Hey there,

I've been preparing lecture notes with org-mode and lualatex export that
include python diagrams and
so on for about more than a year. Now my colleagues and team start to get 
in tweaking the results. Therefore, we would need some kind of online
collaboration solution similar to overleaf that can compile the latex
including the python (org-babel) inserts. And, obviously, versioning
would also come in handy, so that would rather be github / gitlab

Does anyone know of a solution like overleaf that can be used for that?
Could you point me at your description of any setup needed? Or,
alternatively, do you have some good description of how to set up a
server / virtual machine that can do that? (at best including a virtual
emacs interface, so not all users have to do all the installations
locally)? If so, that description would also interest me.

I would like to either use some online platform like overleaf or explain
to my university colleagues who already have servers running what they
could do for me.

The problem is, that the collaboration colleagues are not good friends with 
(they prefer word to latex, excel to python ... until now, at least),
so I'm not very inclined to suggest them to start using emacs. I would
very much prefer some web-based solution to get them started. Also, such
a solution might provide ways of having students contribute smaller bits
and pieces without having to go thru the whole learning curve of
learning the use of emacs, installing all the tools, etc.pp. Any ideas?

Thank you very much!


J. May

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