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Re: Inconsistent use of \ref and \eqref in ox-latex and ox-html

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: Inconsistent use of \ref and \eqref in ox-latex and ox-html
Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2020 10:00:10 +0200
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Brian Powell <address@hidden> writes:

> The issue is that when exporting equation numbers with ox-html, it uses 
> MathJax's \eqref that wraps the equation in parentheses, for example:
> "Refer to (3) for more."
> However, when exporting the same document with ox-latex, it uses Latex's \ref 
> that does not wrap the equation in parentheses. Would it be possible to add 
> an option or variable to ox-html for the user to select whether to use \ref 
> or \eqref on export? 
> For those of us that publish to HTML and PDF, it is very difficult because 
> you end up with either double or no parentheses.
> My proposed fix would be a change to ox-html from:
>                (format "\\eqref{%s}"
>                        (org-export-get-reference destination info))
> to
>                (format (if org-html-export-mathjax-ref "\\ref{%s}" 
> "\\eqref{%s}")
>                        (org-export-get-reference destination info))
> The variable org-html-export-mathjax-ref is non-nil to use \ref vs.
> nil to be the default \eqref.

The variable could be more general, e.g.,
org-html-export-equation-reference-format, and default to "\\ref{%s}".
Note the export back-ends do not use variables directly. It would be

  (format (plist-get info :html-equation-reference-format)
          (org-export-get-reference destination info))

where the correspondence between :html-equation-reference-format is set
in back-end definition.

Also, it needs to be referenced in "HTML specific properties" section of
the manual.

Would you want to propose a patch ?


Nicolas Goaziou

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